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no meaning as an object.... [entries|friends|calendar]

o1 Welcome

† . Redemption . †

I’m missing you.
Once I knew
that the warmth between us had disappeared,
gentle tears
started to spread over my chest
This is not where it ends,
I’m missing you
please don’t let go of my hand

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† . Redemption . †

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[07 Jan 2007|12:05pm]
Meteor Garden

Do you know such times when you like something or someone this much you can't sleep well as soon as you see it/the person?

Through Esthiqué-froum I got to know Meteor Garden - a taiwanese drama based on the japanese manga Hana yori Dango.
I actually saw the japanese drama and fell in love with the leading actor jun matsumoto.
And first..I couldn't find anything positive in the taiwanese drama.

But now I really like it. It's fascinating at the same time as funny/dramatical.
The cast looks the more I watch the more adorable^^


But it sucks how hard it is to find music from F4.
I searched the www for buying CDs of F4 but there is nothing.
cuase my biggest problem is Im living in germany and my parents are kinda strict with payment to foreign countries.
life sucks sometimes xDDD


I didnt' post for such a long time because of vacation.
my whole family went to austria for skiing and I for snowboarding ^^

though its kinda late
happy new year ^__~

read ya
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NANA2 [09 Dec 2006|09:00pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]



[04 Dec 2006|08:46pm]
I WANT TO LIVE IN JAPAN------------------------!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

breaking down? [04 Dec 2006|08:05pm]
[ mood | dead beat ]

so..long time no post.
therefore are many subjects I want to write about, I need to write about. I did a lot of Lj-cuts, read what you're interested in ^^

the friggin' hardest part of my so far lifeCollapse )
Japanese Proficy Language TestCollapse )
JDRAMA and JMOVIES aaamd my new love JUN MATSUMOTOCollapse )

thx for reading
I mean you mustnt^^
I just need to write all the stuff down.

read ya


another day ^^ [22 Nov 2006|08:23pm]
[ mood | blah ]

the time passes by fast oO
I already wrote my first test (latin) and tomorrow is giong to be the next one (german)

but for the moment that's nevermind to me.
I persuade my mum to let me join the LOSTALONE concert in Bochum!!!!

(note: they are standing in front of a -underground parking area- and left to the hotel entrance of the PARKINN Hotel Bochum)

ohhh they look weird xDD

1st December, this british band will play at a well known disco in Bochum the RIFF.

They are three men, vocal-guitare + bass + drums.
And this concert would be the seconde time I see them playing live.
The first time was in july at a special "inside-town-music-festival" in bochum, which is held every year inside the city.

LOSTALONE play kinda rock.
for samples visit here: ~>http://www.myspace.com/lostalonemusic

but okay, i can't wait although I'm writting my first Japanese Proficity language test on this weekend.
(friday: concert, sunday: test)
But my problem xD

hope you all have a great time,
wish me luck for passing the coming tests = )

read ya!

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one more xDD [15 Nov 2006|10:17pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

well well well.

I just listend to the new DIR EN GREY song....
my thoughts of the new singleCollapse )

your thoughts?


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hey guys^^ [15 Nov 2006|11:10am]
[ mood | amused ]

at the moment I'm sittin here in school, I have 2 free-lessons.
there is nothing special at the moment.
friday starts my 5-weeks-long-only-tests-time. <__<;; school is horrible xD Can't stand why elder people would like to be back in school-time. anyway monday my family and I went to the GEORGE MICHAEL concert in cologne. it was quite fun, I guess my brother and I were the youngest persons around xD the lightningshow was great. it matched always with the rhytem of the played song. But the sound was bad. I love bass, but this was tooo much. anyways, great experience^^ first we bought the tickest because of my mother's sake. She is listening to him since the start of his solo-career. but she never saw him live^^ until monday xDD well well well maybe I'll post something later when i'm at home! nana~~


REVOLVERHELD [06 Nov 2006|07:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

yesterday I went to my first REVOLVERHELD concert.

some infos and pics to REVOLVERHELDCollapse )

lyrics of REVOLVERHELDCollapse )

It was here in my hometown Bochum, in a very nice disco called "Zeche". It was pretty full but the mood was unbelievable. Everyone had lots of fun, the fans because of this really good concert, the good music and the pretty voice of the vocal, and the band because EVERYONE could sing their songs. Really everyone...and everyone did. There were parts where only the fans sang and Johannes shoke his head and had a realllly big smile on his face.
In the End they said that it would be really hard to outgo this concert. It was just great.

The bag, feets and ears hurt, but I need it. I need the feeling (which I have on good concerts) that I'm free of stress that I don't need to think about school and other silly problems^^
The last weeks I had really much to do with school, learning and test (and in 2 weeks this phase starts again).

And this concert released me from all. My head is clear, I smile everytime I look at my new shirt or listen to REVOLVERHELD.
I just feel great :D~~

So...If you want to listen to a good german rock-band, TRY LISTEN TO REVOLVERHELD!!!

---> GO AND VISIT http://www.revolverheld.net

thanks for attention!
with love

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Î AM SO SORRY!!!!!!! [26 Oct 2006|12:52pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I am so sorry.........

I know, I did a lot of things wrong the last time.
I hope you all can forgive me that I didn't send you a message or anything else.
the last few months were horrible and I weren't able to care about my precious friendships...
I know that's no reason...but I really hope you can forgive me.


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still alive > [05 Apr 2006|08:45pm]
[mood| Image hosting by Photobucket tired]

hey guys
everything's all right?

I couldn't take any chances to come to LJ or logging in msn.
everything sucks and changes.
I'm just tierd of all, crap feeling.

anyway i wasn't too lazy at all, so rawkstarr23, if you still want the gazette song, i will post it here under Friends only in a few days.

well....w-lan broke again so im sitting here on the cold floor cause the normal lan-cable is so fucking short.

wish you all a great month APRIL!!
From friday I have vacations and will try to take as much sleep as i can ^^;;

see ya, read ya
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update [05 Mar 2006|04:40pm]

ah..what a crazy, stressy week.
I got my german test back and surprisingly it is my best mark I've ever got in this subject. (in Amrecia it would be A, in Germany it is 1 ) I'm quite proud of it cause I really never thought that it would be so good.
I wrote my english test thursday and maybe I'll get it back tomorrow . It was only Writing Texts resp. answer 3 questions and write good, fautless, meaningful textes. I hate those tests most.. this baka of teacher find ALWAYS more fauts as I can make!!! But okay I've to temporize^^

then I had 2 dodgy and stupid talks/situations with my ex-best friends. *laugh* Soo stupid^^
nevermind XDD A song from Avril Lavigne helped me in some way:3
Who Knows - syllabusesCollapse )

I made an update in my bio.
In adition I've some drafts for you~!
old Jrock-drawings made by meCollapse )

really happy lj-cuts...*laugh*

And my happy cinema-visitings keep on.
Thursday I'll go to "underworld Evolution" with my friend claudia
and friday unlasting in "Brokeback Mountain" with my mum.
Looks like I've nothing to do but going to cinema^^;;

Aaand finally my opinion to "LORD of WAR". I tell the truth, GO AND WATCH IT.
one of the most thruthful movies I've watchedCollapse )

And at last, A biiiiiig thank you to my friend Ann-Kathrin, for showing me that German musicians CAN make beautiful metal music!!!!!!!
>>>>>> LETZTE INSTANZ <<<<<

Sooooo great~! oO
If you want to listen something, go to the official site from "letzte Instanz"'s drummer SPECKI T.D


If you enter this site, you can listen to one of their songs.
I think it's not their best song, but quite good.

I also think they sound a bit like APOCALYPTICA and RAMMSTEIN, but just a bit~!!! ^__~

so....that was me,
wish you a great week!!!!!

see ya, read ya

pics [24 Feb 2006|11:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so, I found my digital cam and decided to take some photos of my room^^
But first:
hachiko_aizawaLater I'll write down my opinion to "Lord of War" :D
rawkstarr23So I don't know, if you read my comment to your post about the Danísh cartoon. Anyway I'm sorry that the song takes such a long time with translating...*stare at my help* Unfortunately my help has many to do now..So maybe I can try another song? Maybe than time will pass by faster and I don't need help.
gakuto_loverSchau dir die Bilder an XDD Darf ich raten, welches dir am besten gefällt X3~ ?!
g_i_c_sI think I forgot to write in my comment I want to wish you the best for your visa!!!!!!

some pics of my room,my guitare, one with me and two with my dog XDCollapse )

see ya, read ya!

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YEAH XD [15 Feb 2006|03:26pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Good day...good day.

And YOUR ticket,too gakuto_lover XD~

And I got my L'arc en ciel AWAKE 1stPress Copy today!!!!!
*smiles and jumpes around*

...but for that..I'm broke ;___;
The tickets are so fuxxing expensive, but its Dir en grey, right?
I wish GACKT, this baka, would come to europe, too.

Ah, rawkstarr23 I start with the gazette song today. No difficult homeworks ^^

see ya, read ya

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movies,movies,stress [14 Feb 2006|05:55pm]
[ mood | crushed ]


...I hate valentine's day....

I hate this day...

*hides herself*


I just realize in how many movies I went until yet x__x
It's ..wow, cause I have never been in soo many movies within 2 months *laughs*

-chronicles of Narnia
-King kong
-just like heaven
-Memories of a geisha

In 3 days I'll see LORD OF WAR *huggs hachiko_aizawa

But then I have a break till new movies will be released in Germany. I still made a list of films I want to see *has nothing to do, not really but....nevermind* :D~

I'm glad when 'Brokebackmountain' and 'the da vinci code' are in the cinemas +^__^+

something different:
today I wrote my german test and it was quite bad. We had to compare different versions of Sophokle's original book "Antigone" with each other. but not the whole book, only some lines on various sites. And THATS what pisses me off. This stupid teacher chosed the most uninformative parts in those fuxxing books....I sat there and tried to figure out some good,intelligent information and put them into sentences. It was the hell....and I hate this teacher, by the way my class and sport teacher, more and more...
My only ray of hope is that I maybe change my german teacher in the next school year. We will see~!

did I tell you that I lose my other "best friend" XD?
Not a big story so maybe I write it down in the next days.

see ya, read ya


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[11 Feb 2006|11:52pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I'm going to see DIR EN GREY in KÖLN!!!!!!!!

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REDEMPTION translation [06 Feb 2006|03:56pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

HEY!!! ^__^

Soo...after a great weekend with ma~ny sleep, my japanese teacher took a look at my first Gackt lyric translation REDEMPTION.
I'm quite happy, cause she said, that my translation was good up to two or three lines.
Now I made a few corrections and it sounds better now.

read on;D


LONGING [05 Feb 2006|03:15am]
[ mood | tired ]


well..my w-lan is working:D

therefore I could to the romaji for Gackt's LONGING ^^
Its quite a nice song, and through 3-hours-listening to-loniging, I think there is a person who crys/yells. But now its 3.15AM and it could surely be that this shireks are Chacha's guitare noises..

anyway later I'll try to translate it but first, here it is~!(FRIENDS ONLY)

now I'm too tired to do anything, after searching these kanji x__x;

wish you all a great sleep/ sunday.

see ya



MY W-LAN BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its horrible ;___;
Okay, not soo~ horrible.
I can't surf in the web at night.
i can't surf in the web while doing the homework.
I can't surf in the web while learnung french vocabulairy.
I can't surf in the web while watching TV......

...it IS horrible. *laughs*

ONE good thing is, that I have still internet ^^;; It could be worser...

....hope I see ya when my W-LAN is working .. -__-
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first entry in new year...and this month is soon over. [17 Jan 2006|06:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

where's the time?

it runs and runs....I mean.."yesterday" were new year, non?! Its looks so unbelievable to me.
but okay, I can't change anything.

well, in 2 weeks I'm going to get my school report. Some marks WILL be horrible..I know it...mathematics,policy and history.
I still hope that my teachers are natty to me=P

at the moment, my lil' dog called susi is sitting next to me and stares at my bun with pork sausage and ketchup. piggy susi!! *laughs*

today was a quite simple day. I'm a biig fan of kaori yuki (jap.mangaka; if anyone doesn't know her; Angel Sanctuary,Ludwig kakumei, boy's next door,God child/count cain,....)
I looove her artworks and likings to the dark of humans hearts, blood and death, angels and demons...
wish i could draw like her ;__;

And I bought a newer book of one of my fav series: GOD CHILD
pics and some infos about GOD CHILDCollapse )

anywhere I made a new crappy testXD
who are you in Jrock world?
Read more...Collapse )

in the nearer future will be many movies released I want to see^^
(german titles)
- die geisha 19.januar --> http://wwws.warnerbros.de/memoirsofageisha/
- brokeback mountain 9.march --> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0388795/
thx to hachiko_aizawa *knuddels*
- Casanova (I like Heath ledger^^)
- XMEN 3 coming in may
- Fluch der Karibik 2 (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: dead men's chest) coming in summer

I can not wai~~~t!!!

friday i'll go to see "die geisha" with my mum *happy* once I read a book about the true story of the geisha, and I think its more than interesting! I love (...i love so many things..no comment XD ) the japanese culture *dreams*
but okay.
now I have to do my latin homework ... translatíng V__V

My new icon : die
is made by arisubox

And thats all for now^^

wish a great evening, nice days till our reunion;)

See ya,read ya

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sometimes dreams come true.... [21 Dec 2005|09:46pm]
[ mood | lucky ]

hi there^^

well... My brother is since tuesday back in Japan by his lovely wife and cute child.
We all had many nice hourses togther and of some of them I want to talk a bit, but later.
Since today I have winterholidays but there are still some things I have to do for christmas.
So I'll post some situations with my brother later^^

but now, I just feel lucky...REALLY lucky^^

cause sometimes dreams want to become true...Collapse )

read ya,


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